Nasty Residents part 2

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At last Nasty Residents returns and the long anticipated series continues. Chris finds himself at the hands of Breastcare's iron grip, hopefully he can stay alive long enough to pillage some decent weaponry.

Hope you enjoy entering the world of survival horror.

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Love your flashes

I loved the first nasty residients. I remember talking to you through NG about it years ago, not sure if you remember. I made a few resident evil flashes too. Did I not add you on MSN at one point?? lol oh well.. The music used from the original resident evil added to the overall quality of this. I can tell you took a long time detailing the mansion rooms as they were spot on!

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

Of course I remember ScottishAdam! 'it's a f*ckin' hunter Michael, Michael!' (dire straights etc.) I thought this movie went well, Andie made it a while back and he animated part 3 too but he's lost faith with animating so I've been flying solo since this movie was released. I'm planning on spoofing Resident Evil 2, cause Andie was always more knowledgeable about Resi 1 than me, but if I never hear from him I might take up the mantle and continue nasty res. I did the work on the 3d but I think you're right about the mansion key features ie clock/ paintings are important. Nice to hear from you again

i laughed so hard i cried

seeing chris putting his head back on and him getting KO'd by jill was friggin awesome!

About Time

I've been waiting for 7 years for this to finally come out, so I'm ecstatic to see a new installment. The animation has been greatly improved, but some of the little scenes are painfully slow like when Chris was putting his head back on. I'm not sure why you made Berry the missing person it shoud've been Chris. This installment seemed to have missed most of the greatest cheesey moments of RE1. For instance when they first enter the mansion Berry says, "A mansion" and then when they go into the dining room Berry says, "a DINING room". Berry also says "what is it" in some variation about 9 times in the first 10 minutes of the game. You absolutely cannot leave out the "Jill sandwich" scene for the next part. I was kind of disappointed with the jokes because of instead of playing on the campiness of the game it goes way off track into these more strange than funny scenes that just seemed way to forced.

For the next part I suggest when making a good scene to keep the jokes short and simple. Long elaborate jokes like the pidgeon scene was too much and the fire was overkill.

I did find this installment entertaining though because I'm not saying it was a failure, just not as good as it should have been considering the 7 year delay. Over all I think this installment was amusing, not bad and not great, just amusing.


I remember 7 years ago when you released the first one, it was one of the first flash films I ever saw, and even now I still like it, and the sequel I see improvments in the animation, but the voice acting cold use some work still. Can't wait for the third part.

the truth hurts dude

sorry to say but your voice acting sucks, weskers arms were going in five different places at once and to wrap why no one even bothers to watch this one which is an extreme improovement from your last one, best thing you could do is delete the old one or update it to make things a little smoother and a lot better voice acting, you really need to work on your voice acting and where peoples limbs are located other then that you'd be golden, the artwork is good the jokes are funny and the length is perfect

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

Weskers arms and bad voice acting is there to poke fun at the original games where the characters were really badly acted and they animated their arms moving so the player could tell which character was talking. The voices are bad but they're done on purpose. thanks for the shit review though hope it gave you a semi.

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4.10 / 5.00

May 12, 2009
11:28 AM EDT
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