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sorry bout the size of the animation but it was made on a frame by frame basis and so is fairly big.
Also if anyone knows where i can get the api file so i can put ads in the movie please tell me



You talk all sorts of shit about everyone else(not that your review of my BrickFrog was entirely off-base, lol) and here you have a 4 frame animation with the horrendous deco tool in the background.

Well it was quite awful. There isn't much to say about this. I'm fairly certain that you stole the character from someone's walk tutorial. And you didn't even align it properly. You are a consumer, not a creator. Educate yourself if you want to be a critic.

Aidster69 responds:

haha yeah brick frog was pretty bad liked the script tho
i have no complaints about your response yeah it was a pretty simple tool i found making a video i never finished
i didnt steal the guy but i followed the walkthrough so it looks pretty much exatly the same well done realising its the same thing tho


like... really? XD
this is it?
for real?

Here i was actually getting a little cut over your comment on my work and all you have is this?
You lame ass! what did you do that for?
You call my scripting lame but you cant even stop the music repeat?

oh god~ im shit sturing with you now XD
im shit sturing because you are a jack ass XD

thx for the comment jack ass~ heres mine~
your animation~
its like... so short XD
and theres like.... a guy XD
hes walking over growing plants XD

theres somthing wrong~
there is no ground~
you disappoint me jack ass XD

if you had given me a 1
i would have given you a score XD
but you get nothing~

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Aidster69 responds:

haha if u have a look at my score i think you will find it is worse then the score i got and this took me all of 5 minutes :)
but since i have a life i dont have time to be on flash all the time

Love it

colors are good and its smooth
good job

Aidster69 responds:

thankyou :)


I liked when all the colors of the leaves came up, and the walking animation is good, but there is really nothing else to it. :/

Aidster69 responds:

yeah fair neough its hardly a complex animation

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2.33 / 5.00

May 12, 2009
2:57 AM EDT
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