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Edit 11/05/2009: Apologies for misleading some of you guys. I posted this as "game/interactive" as I figured it was in some part interactive. I've changed it to a "movie" now, though I'm not sure if that will affect the icon in the portal.

So I discovered this last week in an email I sent myself over a year ago. Yesterday I figured "why not?", recorded some narrative for it, and now here I am.

Last year we had an assignment at college to make an "elearning product" in flash. A few weeks later I had this.

Strangely enough this was the product that got me rolling in Flash as well as other creative media. Since then I have worked for various web-development companies doing many different things.

Its very strange looking back at this piece of work now. Almost everything has been animated with tweens, and I have about 100 layers on the main time-line. My drawings are also very laughable I honestly can't believe I've come so far in such a short space of time.

None the less I can't deny it was fun to make and I hope you guys enjoy it.

(Apologies about the "credits" screen, my assignment required me to do one that complimented a copyright report, hence why my name flies past three times.)


Step One

The card spring begins with the hand position shown. The thumb will hold the bottom of the packet, while the fingers hold the top.

Step Two

After adopting this position, apply it to a packet of cards, bending them slightly. While you might choose to, you don't have to use a full deck, its best to start off with a small packet and work up from there

Step Three

After mastering the bend and finger positions, try squeezing the cards to the point just before they jump out of your hand. This will build up both your control and hand strenth.

Step Four

Now its time to do something cool. Take the squeeze all the way untill cards spring from the grip, try to aim for a surface like a table or into a container like a bin. When you can fire the cards in one direction you are ready for the next step

Step Five.

Now you have mastered the finger positions the bend, the squeeze and the spring, you are ready to attempt a catch. Take your other hand and place it underneath the packet slightly forward (to the point where the cards flew off in step four) Whilst catching you may need to move ths hand a little in order to catch all of the cards.



it's more of a movie.

Even those damned commercials are interactive now,
and they are hardly 'games'.


Slim-Bean responds:

Yeah I should have gone with Movie :P

I figured as a tutorial it would be interactive. Ah well there's always next time.

Thanks for the review!

its good but not a game

this is good infomation but not a game
this should come under movie
very well presented

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Slim-Bean responds:

Yeah it was kind of a toss up, on the one hand it IS interactive.

Sorry if I misled you :P

And thanks for the review.

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May 11, 2009
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