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Boss goes on a mad spree, promoting and demoting people... for whatever crazy reason he can think of.

The first in our animated podcast.

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one persons voice is messed up but good

WaterCooler responds:

Thank you!


that was a very well made animation.
i liked the story although i would have liked to see the hamster being put in the microwave.
Overall i noticed that the voices didnt go with the characters. what im saying is the characters seem older than there voices.

overall though it was a nice animation :)

WaterCooler responds:

Thank you, sir.

quite fun

animation was lovely and smooth, concept was basic but easy to relate to...the colours where a little dull though, some thing else is required perhaps to keep the scenery a little more appealing. the setting was nice, and the series of short jokes where cheeky and fun. however i would'nt have minded seeing something relavent to the hamster in a MW when you refered to it. i think all in all it was watchable, and worth watching. although i didnt feel like the voices where all that convincing, a lot of slips and slurrs, and not pulled off to convincingly, i was very aware that these people where just voice acting.

well, tbh i think what you have is great. and although my review may seem a little touchy, i assure you i have only the best intentions. to help you acknowledge and move you up in the portal! keep i real man! and well done team. :D:D:D

WaterCooler responds:

Great review, we can take some good feedback from this XD


great job with the animation guys! I can't wait to see how this evolves! Very glad to be working on this series. Great work and worth the wait. WOOHOO!

WaterCooler responds:

Errmmm... :D... ?

HMMMMMMMMM I think I liked it (y)

I think I get what Joe The toucan is referring to
although the story and concept are entirely different
the voices and humour are quite similiar to edsworld
graphics I give 3/5 not really good not really bad or maybe I just don't like your style
lip syncing could have been better in patches 4/5
voice acting was actually really well done 5/5
story line was good although you needed to introduce the characters a little more at first I didn't get the point of their names until after the joke about him calling him the wrong name
I like the cutting off of the "SWEAR WORDS" that makes it suitable for all audiences so a 7 year old can laugh at it and get it
you should have thrown more gags in fluffed it up a bit
one thing though was the background noise it was a bit tooo high if you understand what I'm saying a background noise is necessary to give it atmosphere but this kind of made it feel a little forced

Keep up the good work and improve a little and I look forward to seeing more of these flashes !

WaterCooler responds:

Nice review! and thanks

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4.05 / 5.00

May 11, 2009
3:27 PM EDT
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