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TOOTHgether, we are

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Hi people

It´s been a long time since I don´t post an animation or something in newgrounds. I had some trouble with my computer, but now it´s ok.

Hope you like the animation and please forgive me for the subtitles, I don´t know if they are well written.


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Weird but funny.

This was quite the odd flash with the characters being a boy and his recently pulled tooth and then them going to fight crime was funny as hell,i'm not sure what language they we're speaking but at least it had english subtitles so that's a plus,overall i got a good kick out of this flash and i think you did a swell job.


This is AWESOME!! So funny! You should definetely make a series out of this! Great work!

More Flash should be like this.

IDK. If its because I watch anime like a crack whore. but I think I enjoyed it more because it was in a foreign language with subtitles.

So silly, it's funny...

"If it weren't for that kid and his tooth!"

Funny story, good audio and good enough drawing. I thought the subtitles were well done (not too fast, not too slow, just right). Also, good translation from Spanish. Only item being that the character in the story claims that he would have stolen THE CROWN JEWELS, not just the jewels, but that's petty nit-picking on my part).

Genial. Necesitamos mas artistas asi.

Son animaciones como estas las que quisiera tener tiempo de hacer.
Buen trabajo!