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Art of Talking to Girls 1

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This is a short little toon I made that kept getting more ambitious as I was working on it. It's about having a secret crush on someone, and trying to figure out the best way to attract them when you finally speak to them for the first time. Hope you enjoy it!

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Haha- oh...

Not bad! I enjoyed the story being told as a past account by the main character, and his character was nice, vulnerable and appealing. The main joke, though, didn't really find me well. It was a very funny twist for the first few seconds, but past one sentence I didn't think it worked as well. I understood that that was obviously the way the book had told him to act, and that the only other way you could have done this was for the girl to be repulsed and offended; this also has its drawbacks - it would have worked better, but it is a common joke, and for that reason, yours was a nice twist. But still, not as funny as I'd hoped in the end.

F**K yeah !

All that fancy talk ... and at the end Boom ! I love it.

Very creative.

This was a very good flash,the script was fantastic with it's deep depth in vocabulary and the animation looked very good as well also the voice acting was excellent,as for the end it was a huge twist with the guy talking all pimpin so it was a great punchline there,overall i enjoyed this flash very much so keep up the great work and i hope the second episode will be just as good if not better. =)

Well Done, Indeed

I love the story in this film as it made sense. I agree that it's a little long at the beginning. However, it's very well cut together - cohesive - and that makes it good. Though I don't entirely agree with the film's advice. :P

I really like it!

Better than I had hoped!