Runescape Funny #1

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NOTE: If you see nothing but black, try closing and reopening the movie.

The Runescape Funny Series, by Jakya and Mandera Studios. Do enjoy.

Please note that I am not a member of Jagex, nor that I plan on profiting in any way from these movies. I made them just to help make people laugh and you make the world a better place, and if anyone wants to send contributions to anybody, they should do so at www.jagex.com. I deserve nothing. I just made a funny movie.

It all started with a dream, which I decided to just make and post on one of my favorite Runescape fansites. At first, it was nothing special, but as I progressively continued making these, they began to get better, and therefore, more popular.

This one's the first. Sort of the lowest of low. You'll easily notice that with each movie, there is progressively more to it. For example, the fifth one includes some proper animation, and the tenth one goes all-out in animation.

There are currently 11 in the series. I'm planning on making a 12th where there is no sprite-work whatsoever, and everything shown is all hand-drawn by the two of us.

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manya,you rock and this is awesome


man ur so funny and the vid is even funnier lawlz

lol wtf

TO THE LOSER MOBILE - lol favortie part

Shameless is funny.

You could add a loading screen. I would strongly recommend a loading bar at the bottom and some sort of entertainment above it. Sure, 5mb files can load pretty quick for some, but others (including myself) have to wait a lot longer.

"Dang, dead end!" Wow. These guys never heard of a quest guide, even though there is a "QuestHelp" feature built into the game.

Still, this was kind of funny, and it was pretty refreshing to see a RS movie with voices that don't suck. :) Oh, and yes, I will view your other work.

I liked it :)

True, it needs more work and as suggested more screenshots from RuneScape - but fantasy quest games like RuneScape, Rappelz, WoW and all get so dull when it's quest, quest, quest - ripe for micky taking: inspired!

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May 10, 2009
5:26 PM EDT
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