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FWD: Totally BS! GG [03]

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To be honest, I'm tired of this video, but I got some pretty good performance done by a couple of VAs here that I don't want go to waste. And because people will ask this, I'll answer it:

Why did I make a video based on old news?
I actually made it when that news was still "hot", but because I got some VAs who were busy with their lives, and their computers were busted, it kept me from releasing it in a timely fashion.

There's isn't any gaming here!!!
Well the series revolve around the life of the three girl gamers: Akira, Telsa, and Hanna.


Inspired by the Christian Bale rant back in Feburary, witness how one lazy choice by Akira causes an actor's set meltdown!

Also just to let it out here, everything I insulted in this vid is all in good fun.

Also, because I know that because that the humor in this video ran really late, I've included a preview of the next installment of the Absolute BS! series to show what's next in store. Also, this video was about 90% completed before I've even started the first episode of Absolute BS!, and it was even released before this did! lol?

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Good voice actors.

Like I said. However, there are some obvious problems. For one, the artwork should match the quality or at least be stylized enough that it works with the voice-acting. Secondly, a lot of your voice clips changed volumes when a character said different phrases. It was obvious that the clips were recorded under different settings. I'm not sure how you would revise this, but it is something to look into. Good Luck with future projects!

omegafinal responds:

Unfortunately there is no set standard on the recording volume, since some will record their lines loudly, which give me better flexibility on how loud I want it; and some will record their lines quietly, which is guaranteed to have no disruptive cuts and pop caused by being too loud. This is one of the limits of an amateur online production.

So in the end, I'll over or under compensate the reduction of the louder clips to match the quieter clips. Flash can lower the volume, but it can't amplify it. I got SoundBooth (it's enough for me), so hopefully I figure things out from there.

Kinda funny

The voice acting was very anime-esque. I thought it worked will with the animation style. The text onscreen did not always follow what was being said in the voice over.