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Tails: UCW Intro

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This is the intro I cooked up for my series in progress, "Tails: Unlimited Chaos". As some people are guessing right now, it's loosely based on Fate Stay/Night's "Unlimited Blade Works" storyline, where (Blaze is Saber and Tails is Shirou). This plot has been pieced together from precedents set in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Rush, (The Sonic first released on the 360 messes with time, so I don't even know what the hell to make of it. Did it even happen? I'm not sure. Let's assume it didn't.) I'm making this series more plot driven, with heavy focus on characterization and less on mindless fighting. (There's still mindless fighting, rest assured.) I'm also a fairly decent writer, I like to think, so expect the dialogue to be a bit less, ah, contrived than the usual sprite fan fiction. ("i will destory you and take the emreld!" "no you wont my power is over 9000 GAAAAH" *beam takes up entire screen*)

There are actually 2 reasons I'm even making this: 1) Saber is ridiculously awesome, and so is Sonic. (Well, he used to be. I'm trying, okay?) and 2) Alvin Earthworm killed Tails without even giving him dialogue. Not cool. Oh, and I won't be making this a crossover. No Mario, Samus, Link, Kirby, or Megaman. Ah, one last thing, I compulsively check reviews, so please be constructive in your criticism! Any links to character/effect sprite sheets would also be appreciated. (Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find Blaze sheets? No, you don't.)

So, enjoy my first work in the Tails: UC series, episode one is already underway!

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I really like this animation. why? well first of all It kept me watching it, (I don't give a review just cause I watched the first ten seconds) second, I enjoyed watching the flash introduce all the characters, part of the story, fight scenes, loved it! third, well... ...third It was like watching a trailer for an actual anime, very fast-paced very-open (and by that I mean it gave me room to wonder) very-smooth, I'm giving you four stars cause let's be honest nobodies perfect I didn't really enjoy the start it made me feel like it's just another action-adventure anime but after i watched the whole thing... ...man... ...oh man! Do I want to see this to be an actual sonic show.

before i start reviewing

you're preview for this was much more better and got a low score i don't see why anyway about this it was ok i'm glad it's not just text and pictures but still everything seemed so slow and it was quite boring also because of the music but intro is not the important thing the real thing is the important thing

Blank-Mage responds:

*Much better
*That's right, I just reviewed YOUR review! How's it TASTE?!

ANYWAY! I assume my Ep 0.5 got a low score because I forgot to mention how to, you know, hit play. Impatient people are impatient. Regardless, I remain undeterred, and this mallet fight I'm making is totally awesome.

About this one, I apologize for the slow presentation, but it IS a direct recreation of the original visual novel opening, so I take no responsibility for my own shortcomings. NONE! I've improved quite a bit over the last, ah, two years. Look forward to not having to deal with this kind of pace again.


it is a good intro and cool sprites by the way

For sprites...

For sprites type on Google: Tails Sprites and go to 'mystical leaf zone' or something like that. They have EVERY character sprite including blaze! (Atleast I think so...)

Sincerely, The Fan

Blank-Mage responds:

They have a few, but the way I animate, I can never have too many. And the biggest problem with Blaze sprites is that they aren't standardized, so most of my sheets conflict. You don't want Blaze looking drastically different every couple of seconds.


you have my attention