Invincible Man

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Author Comments

Yeah for my Second flash submission.

In all it only took about 3 days of sit down time to create it but for being a beginner in flash I am fairly happy with the outcome. I hope you enjoy the fruit of my labor :D I got my inspiration from a Cyanide and Happiness Comic I read a while back.

-Music included
Main Theme - Star Fox (Super Smash Brothers Brawl)

Voices by Me and Tantalis329

I noticed it doesn't have reviews yet??? Please review, it will help me become a better artist :)

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Funny stuff dude. Funny stuff.

Quite frankly, I loved this. True, the drawing and animation were rather shoddy, but for a starter animator this was brilliant. It even has that Cyanide and Happiness Explosm hilarity to it... invincible to everything but the thing he encounters most. I've often wondered if I should make a flash, but with people making things like this at such an early stage, it'll be hard to compete! Great work, man. Keep this up and you'll be a favourite author!

Dun dun DA DAHH!

I liked it. Simple but pretty well done!

AmanPyroman responds:

Thanks for reviewing. I am starting simple, I'll get better.

I liked it

i think you are a step well an animation further than me, I guess thats what i admire from this, that unlike me you took a chance to do and submit something. I have so far done more or less the same thing you did here and I know how excited you may feel about sumitting something.

Of course its shors, so what I liked the joke, which i heard somewhere already, but who cares. just keep animating, its the only thing that will make you improove, doesnt matter if its just a clip or a whole project practice.

AmanPyroman responds:

And that is exactly what this is...practice. I appreciate the review.


for a beggining artist i will say your skills will definitly get better over time. all you need to do is look at some funny tv shows. i wont say them cause i might get banned or something. try some random comedy or ask friends for help in originality. but i say good job. made me chuckle

AmanPyroman responds:

Thanks for the review, I have made some comics on my own that I think I might turn into flash, maybe.

I will definitely work on originality and I only see my art work going up from here, thanks for the review.


one problem. way to short

AmanPyroman responds:

I did notice the shortness of it, But I thought it was a good enough job for my inspiration coming off of a One Frame comic strip XD

Don't worry, future work will be MUCH improved over 3 days of testing. Thanks for the review, And I completely agree :(

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3.58 / 5.00

May 6, 2009
7:18 PM EDT
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