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You guys really hurt my feelings that night. :'(



Good clock flash.


its ok, but at least you get fame! i got no fame for writing these!
how about that, bed clock? perhaps you could show the good reviews too!
and make a movie about us! (even tho im a shitty reviewer)

dude its ok

its ok dont care what other people say if you think that your flashes are good they are good if other people think they it is bad to them but not you over all sorry about it=[


I know how your animation ideas can get better =) simple get with some friends, ask them if it looks good or if its entertaining. If you can't make successful animations (im not trying to be mean or anything) simply ask for some people's help =) I'll help you a little with what I can if you want it :3

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A Word to all of you...

Dont let yourself get down. Yes, many people here are pricks who never heard of the word restrain before... Just keep practicing. Just keep it mind that many people dont show much feelings because they cant see who's on the other side of the line.

btw, @ all the people who say "you waste our time":

You waste your on fuckin' time. In fact you CHOSE to waste time because your bored when you look random videos up on newgrounds. So just be quite and stop acting all cocky as if the animators where slaves who must provide you with entertainment. Keep it mind that they extra go though the work for the audience, so just stop being assholes guys and show a little respect for people who actually try to make something good.

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2.14 / 5.00

May 5, 2009
6:05 PM EDT
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