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Patchman:Simple Pleasures

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Edit sometime: Thanks for frontpage Tom! I appreciate it and all the great reviews! :D

Oh hey guys! Whipped this up for the lulz, i could've done it in a week but i decided to spread it out over a good 3 months, you know how it is :P. . . (no really, i was busy >__>)

Patchman is essentially a character created by my friend Andy (www.apple-juice.newgroun ds.com) and is now a character free to use by both of us after countless failed attempts at animating him :D

methinks i'm gonna makes moar with him sometime >__>

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I admit that I didn't like this as much as most people. It's still a good cartoon for me. It's great to see this good animation. Did you make this into a series? It seems like there's potential. It just has a good vibe to it.

I was just thinking of apples while watching this! It was some kind of apple at least. I like how she puts hot sauce there for no reason. With no real sound, it was a lot like a music video. It's nice to know you're helping someone else.

Thanks,this gave me the idea to do the experiment,the salted toast was scrumptious.Peace!

wow........ recycled and edible :)

i ALMOST didnt watch the comercial

lonely patch

he wrote a letter to himself????

Loved all of it.

Added to favourites, and the iDrops, the latest from apple, was really funny, and everything else just was so awesome.