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NG's Finest

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- Some missions now have random decisions that you must make as a commander. Decide well because success depends on your recruit's skills.

(This feature was meant to be placed on release, but I simply didn't have enough time...)
(All mission stories were brought to you by Acromatik (5ol). Huge thanks to him)
(Changes will be made when V.2 is uploaded by NG)

==== EDIT V.1====

- Loyalty is now much more forgiving.


Happy Pico Day!! (AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE FRONT PAGE!! <3 <3 <3)

NOTE: In old fashion, I'm alittle late to the party, submitting it hours after...But please do accept this game as an entry to Pico Day. Seriously have mercy...I've been working on it all night and skipped school twice to finish.

Anyways, NG's Finest is a "sandboxy" military sim. Train Pico, Darnell and Nene into the best warriors they can be and create a pretty little base. You're the commander, you're in control...most of the time.

HUGE THANKS to Acromatik. Never could've done it without you man.
HUGE THANKS for fricken Newgrounds. Just because this place is simply awesome <3

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"Rank 1 missions require 20 skill points for 100% success"
I figured I'd send all 3 on the first mission, but "nope" you can only send 1.
No cancel button, so you're just shafted once you click the wrong one.
Ironic because building placement has like 3 confirm buttons.

Building placement of buildings larger than 1 tile show only 1 tile in the placement preview.

Soldiers must be individually assigned to a building for training each day.

Some missions have mysterious requirements, like "Cha" which doesn't appear on the character's profile. Maybe it is supposed to read Charm?

Game uses a lot of CPU while idle. What the heck is it actually doing?

Just a repetitive grinder of stats. Cool interface but no animations. Choices are hard and unintuitive the situations absurd. Repetitive and boring.

Moosh? Yeah, greatest guy ever. 5/5


Annoying! No saving, no option to destroy buildings, the soldiers won't obey and their loyalty grows to slow.

Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

May 1, 2009
8:16 AM EDT