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Pico Allegro

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Author Comments

Hi there!

It's become a tradition: my Pico Day movies always end up being way longer and more complicated than I intended them to be! This is no exception!
Hope y'all like it! :)

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Very nice, simple animation. Sort of reminds me of listening to Peter and the Wolf as a child except more comical, especially with that unexpected ending. That actually slightly ruined it for me. I would have preferred something like this to have nice, happy, sensible ending. But despite that I enjoyed this flash and the music was sweet, recognizable and relatable. Nothing much else to say, good job.




Loved the end! Epic dragon!

haha nice

like an opera except its actualy funny nice work


Not a very discriptive word, interesting, but in this case it did catch my interest. The animation was somewhat basic and there didn't seem to be much of an idea for a plot so much as random visuals but they flowed well into the next and last ideas. My main dissapointment was actually a lack of citing the music. I was wondering what pieces you used cause I'd like to get them.