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Pico Day '09 Art Collab

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EDIT:EDIT: If you like this please suggest it to Pico Day 2009...

EDIT:EDIT:EDIT: OMG My heart just stopped this is mah first frontpage evar! XOXO <3

EDIT:EDIT:EDIT:EDIT: =( we lost our spot on teh frontpage!

Allow me to present the Pico Day '09 Art Collab!

Breif History -

This collab started off with my first, long winded post in the Art forum, I forgot the base pic (LOL), and the Newgrounds staff member Mindchamber was sure to jump on that right away -.-... Well thanks to the user of 2008, ReNaeNae, I was able to correct my mistake (thanks again ReNaeNae!) And then the collab was finally up off the ground! Until... Mindchamber shows up again, this time, apparently he hates me (Double-LOL)... Now he's annoyed because I wasn't done with my own part beforehand... Well, Its my first time hosting a collab... We all make mistakes! Being the optimist I was, I decided to give it a day or two, and soon I was flooded with lots of really great submissions! After pushing the art I received through a fair and just rubric, I narrowed down the parts to just 13... So now, may I present our tribute to Pico Day 2009!

Collab Host Awards -

1st Place - Rhunyc's Part
2nd Place - Cuestaluis' Part
3rd Place - IdentiC's Part

Icon Made From - Rhunyc's Part

OK so sit back and enjoy our tribute to Pico Day '09.

Happy Pico Day!

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Not bad, but also too short

Music was cool, Art was great, but it was just too short.
Fun though :)