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Snowman vs. Robot

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This is a small animation I made as a Demonstration for Adobe Flash use in the class. i had limited time and rescources, hence the lack of overall plot, complete animation and sound effects, but overall came out better than expected.

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whered you get those awesome sound effects!?!?!
I loved the screen shaking, it ties in well with the combat.
your flash could have used main music though to go with the fighting.
any way nice job! .it looks like you worked hard on it :]

:D that was funny

to tell u the truth i expected that the snowman gonna melt but not like that lol i thought the robot gonna melt him :P
it was good animated even if u had limited time and rescources.
keep up the good work i want to see the next much robot vs aligatorman :P

it was descent...

The idea and overall fight was funny and a bit entertaining however.
Some of the attacks were poorly done and looked a bit out of place.
Some of the fight felt dragged and slowed down.
The graphics and design were beast.
GOOD JOB :D!! ^^
-Mr. Figgy Mcfigginstein

knew it

of course the robot won