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RC: Super Mario Bros.

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Here it is the second Reality Check, taking the piss out of silly moments in games films and tv shows!

This time we turn our attention to that old chestnut, Super Mario Bros.
Mario has once again defeated Bowser but found that the Princess isn't here. Instead, he finds the ever jolly Toad. The results aren't quite what you'd expect...
Hope you enjoy and also give the previous episode a second chance please!

And yeaaaah it is inspired by Mad Mad Mario but its different enough we tinks. Props to the king.

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toad,tu es faché,mario n'a rien fait.arrete dwe te plaindre,toad,et ferme ta gueule.fenmen'y,man di'w.


Boy, that Toad sure has some anger issues. Maybe he's the one who needs a vacation. Nice work.

"Blah blah blah Payroll!" *Blam!*

It would be at that point I shot him. I got so tired of hearing that phrase of his from the games I was about ready to do exactly that if I could.


your videos are funny and simple, only thing that pulls it down for me is the crackly sound, i've checked and it's not my pc. otherwise v good :)


Toad really ripped into Mario. I can't say I blame him though, you would think Mario would know where he was going.

8 castles = Castle # 8 = Princess! ;)

I enjoyed that. :) Great job.