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Catastrophe on High Seas

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Author Comments

Fixed the sound issue.

This is only an intro to a play.

Several slow weeks in the work, yadayadayada, hope you enjoy it.

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Possible bug...

When I first clicked Plot and then Play, the animation was without sounds. Clicking Play directly from the start screen played the sounds too.
Just thought I should let you know.

Other than that, great work.

ASP responds:


Well this flash had too many bugs to control in the first place. That and no one cares about it anymore so...

Thanks for letting me know, though.

A metaphore perhaps?

Well im not sure if im just a little twisted or perhaps just under sexed but that seemed like a bit of a sex metaphore...in quite a loose way ne who. Perhaps im lookin into this too much...not sure what the island or monster had to do with it...was the Kraken thing an STI? Still pretty fucking funny.


ASP responds:

Not a sex metaphor. The director insisted that plays must be... how do you say...

They must flamingly emphasize all aspects, like boys and girls.

incomplete sentence or?

Not bad, but there is a prevalent grammatical error. It should be "Seas" not "Sea's".

Also, the inclusion of Jack Sparrow's likeness is pretty shameless for a school project.

ASP responds:

Jack sparrow had random appearances in the play, so it's only right that he get's a random appearance in the intro.

Good animations...

With added sound, it will look just right though. Cheers :)

omfg fucking pro

dude this is sooooo fkn funny
and you have out done urself
im just sad i didnt go on the night
... fucking parents
oh em gee sif i dont get a mention
*cries* :P

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2009
7:58 AM EDT

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