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Sprite Race Series Ep.1

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Author Comments

I hope you will enjoy this flash, it is about 80 seconds long and it is action packed. Please tell me how I can improve and don't blam because it's sprites, or because (Oh! These characters are overused! I might as well blam this shit!) simply because that would be a waste of about 3 months of my life
So Watch, Enjoy, Rate See you later!

Put it in low quality to see it MUCH better

*Edit Tuesday, November 23rd* Oh my, I can't believe I did this all frame by frame, even the credits! xD
I just opened the .fla and what I found was layers upon layers of keyframes D:


No really

Sonic is waaaaaaaaaaaay faster then mario but the anemation is good but it is a little slow

Not bad. In fact I like it!

But Sonic is faster than mario he sould have won in about less than a muinte I may like mario and sonic but I still think sonic sould have won but i am going to give you a 6 just because it's your first video.


dude come on everybody knows sonic is like over 9000!!!! times faster than mario mario could never win :/

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aint bad

But still a few things you might wanna keep in mind for your next animation: don't overdo it with the blurr effect, for example: at the beginning when mario was in the back and sonic closer in front, you switched focus by adding a blur to the one not focused on and showed the one focused on without that blur. The idea was good but you only need to add just a tiny bit of that blur to get the right effect.

The last thing: gravity, what do i mean with that? Well, when a character jumps, you use a motion tween to do that. Now that's not a bad thing but you should keep in mind that in the begining of the jump, the character goes up really fast and quickly slows down, then when he falls down his speed increases. You can do that by going to the timeline, klick on a frame between the two keyframes of the motion tween, go to properties and add a number at 'ease'. A positive number when he's going up and a negative number when he's going down. And if that doesn't work for ya, you might do it frame by frame.

Some fixes...

-The background is a little slow, it maybe because of the motion blur, DO NOT use blur filters in flash on moving backgrounds, it drives the lag way up, add the blur in something like photoshop, fireworks, paintshop pro, graphics gale, paint.net or something. Also these programs can useful in sprite edits.

-Also try to find multi layered backgrounds, and movie them at different speeds (the bottom layer moves the slowest, the top moves the fastest), that will create the simulation of moving in space.

-In most side scroll games that is how it works, the background typically has 3 or more layers, and the closest layer (ground) moves the fastest, the bottom layer, (faded trees or something far in the distance), just barely moves. And only apply a SLIGHT blur to close fast moving objects like the ground.

-Think about in real life when your in a car, and your looking out the window, the sun and sky are just barely moving because so far away, but trees and building that are big you pass a little faster, then thing at eye level parked cars, mail boxes, and smaller objects that are closer to you move very quick at a blur.

-Just some things to think of other than that, it was pretty good, audio wise and everything. Remember use plenty of movie clips, with sprites do not to frame by frame animation, and DO NOT work on the main timeline, do everything in side multiple movie clips, and put them on the timeline, and use multiple scenes, DONT cram everything into one scene.

-I ll be expecting better next time! ;)

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Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2009
5:01 PM EDT
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