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Pokemon Master ep7

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Watch the all of the other parts. If you don't watch them, you have no right to complain about not understanding it. Don't even bother watching any if you don't even like pokemon or have never played the games.

This is a special episode. Our pokemon master has a rematch with Magikarp. I've tried to listen to all your criticism for this special episode. After this, he'll move on and leave Viridian City. Think of it as a Season Finale, not a Series Finale. Episodes will continue to come regularly. I made a little Pokedex for this one. (accessible from menu) Please check it out.

Enjoy, and thanks for the support for the series so far!

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@chase1002 The trainer gave the Onix back to Brock


to everyone
1.trainer captured onix to win a gym badge and gave back the onix in trade for the badge
2.hes trying to make it funny but some of you guys focus too much on detail trerefore some people have NO sense of humor=/

back to ep 1 beaten by a magikarp while using a water pokemon...LOL

It should be "I'll be back Red Gyarakarp... One day"