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Animating Graffiti

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Author Comments

The reason why everything was going so slow was the background had a blur tween that by frame by frame it was becoming a little less blurry. I just made the background always blurred to fix that problem.

It doesn't seem like it but this took alot of work and time even though the flash is under a minute. I first drew it on paper and colored it. And then took a photo of it which I then followed that by tracing over it in flash with each frame being a new line. Hope you like it =) This is just me trying to make animated graffiti. The first one says Senko, the next one says Kaytay. ENJOY!! =)


A Bit Choppy at the End

The Good:
-great animation at the end

The Bad:
-beggining animation sucks

The Verdict:
The song and the beginning reminded me of Mario Paint. I'm assuming that's where the song was from. I had to put it on low quality at the end send the framerate was high. It was a bit short and not much went down in the flash other than the madness creature walking around.

Nice Job

Kinda slow but i liked it, and the music was very well done. ^_^
Kudos to ReasonWriter703

nice animation, but work on the graffitit

the animation was cool, but at the graffiti you must be new right? i think you where trying a wildstyle with the first one, and the second one had no style whatsoever
try drawing a second outline on the secon graff, and on the first one try making all the letters maybe with more width to them and less add-ons... if you need more help search up un google for graffiti forums and youll learn what you need there

not bad

first off i liked ur graffiti style but it could have been improved. animation could have been more smooth and the art was..well a bit blurred. but other than that it was ok. needs more work though.


Interesting, but needs to be faster... I know you said you increased the frame rate but i think its still trying to load it as it's playing... That's why its still slow... otherwise by increasing the FPS it would have made it faster... 120 frames is ALLOT!! I think its trying to run too fast (thus making it slow) It took a few minutes for the loading bar to come up... which should be instant... With that said I'm thinking your loading bar is just improperly installed... take a look at it... I think that might help...

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iBlackieChan responds:

i fixed one problem that could of done it. The music started on the same frame as the proloader which was the cause of the white screen. I moved the music to a frame after the preloaderrr

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Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2009
5:11 PM EDT
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