The Project Prologue

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This is the Prologue to my Project series, explaining the background and why many of the events in the series take place. Yes it has stick figures, but DON'T vote it down because of that! Watch it and see! Also, if you tell me it sux cos its boring or has too many 'words', then stop and think: IT'S A PROLOGUE!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!!?!? VOTE IT ON HOW WELL YOU THINK IT DOES ITS JOB!!!

Its a great movie to watch, with lovely graphics. Check it out, you may be surprised!

For all you hard working, honest viewers, enjoy the movie :)

For all you hard working, honest viewers, enjoy the movie :)

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Sorry, but it was boring

Let me start by telling you, that the graphics was very nice, and the music in the background fit the story, perfectly, and of course the story itself was great, but why made in flash? You should have made a book about it instead cause what this movie showed, did not fit in as a flash movie, but as I said before, it would be perfect for a book, with pics in it (cause the "pics" were great).
As a flash it was boring, way boring, I expected some action, I expected something to happen, so therefor, I give it 6 in overall.


The stick figures I gotta admit turned me off. But damn the storyline was so aswome I overlooked it. Keep up the good work. Ps. Why stick figures?

Fatmandoo responds:

I have sex with them.

Dude. . .

Ok dude, you did a really good job on this. The first thing i did after watching this movie was look for what came after it. (found 1&2). I liked them alot. I think that you could expand this storyline into a movie, or even a game! No lie, this thing is great!!!

That was all good

man, this is the first thing i seen of ures, if this is one of ure worst, u must kick some fucking ass! keep it up coz this was good


what the shep is that piece of crap! MAN I KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER THEN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fatmandoo responds:

Give me a break kid. I made that 2 years ago when I was still learning Flash. Its part of the old 'The Project' series. Of course I can do better now.

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3.70 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2002
2:01 PM EST