Ninth - A History Lesson

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This is about 2.6 minutes long thanks to all the slow parts. A short history lesson about Ninth.

To explain things in better detail: Ninth exploded in a fit of rage so powerful, it scared away even the mother goddess' inverse.

This marks Ninth's transformation into an older woman too.

Audio: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/57191


Needs serious work.

I like the music a lot. Good choice on that. And now here comes the bad part.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Marginally more sense when I read the explanation in your comments, but if you have to retroactively explain what is happening in your video then you aren't telling the story properly. Who are these characters and why am I supposed to care about them? This may make sense to you but you haven't explained a thing to us, the viewers, and if you only made this for yourself there's not much point submitting it to Newgrounds for others to view.

You mention in your comments that you understand, at least on some level, that these 'slow parts' seriously drag out the length of the video. I need to reiterate this, though: The slow pan at the beginning -seriously- drags on. Far, far longer than is acceptable.

When the character disappears into the growing white burst, toward the end, rotating the image like that calls unnecessary attention to the static nature of your drawings and breaks the drama you at least seem to be shooting for. It might have worked better to shrink, darken and fade, or something similar. In some ways, letting a still drawing remain perfectly still seems less static than having it move without actually animating.

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coldReactive responds:

Sorry about that, yes, this was mainly for deviantart actually, since my RP buddies go there more often than here. I thought I would submit it here just so that I could get one blammed to be honest, but it turns out it did better than I thought.

Yes, I originally had planned for animated persons, with filled colors and all that jazz, but I gave up on it simply because I've been stressed out too much. For example, why do I need to pay over 300 USD for something that's more of a standard nowadays on the web! For pete's sake, I wish Adobe would just open the source of flash already and be done with it!

Sad to say, I have already submitted my last flash, and I don't think I'll be coming back, though I will reconsider if Adobe DOES, in fact, open up the source of flash. Maybe then I will take flash more seriously and not as something to be "proud" of. *cough* Furthermore, I would LOVE if Adobe would submit a version of flash editing tools for linux, I use linux a lot nowadays, and quite frankly, flash is the only thing that was keeping me with windows.

With that, I bid you farewell.

Edit: Furthermore, Ninth is a goddess from my series of stories called ULETEMA. She is the nothing goddess, a goddess that trails the edge of the reality, protecting the borders of it. back when she was a kid, a war was going on between the inverse goddesses and the true goddesses of lore and history. When she exploded after Mia, the goddess of love was defeated by ULETEMA's inverse, the inverse of Uletema ran away. In truth (here's a big spoiler for those who follow me) Uletema is her own inverse goddess. It doesn't really make sense from my reality's standpoint, but when you think about it in the terms of: If you have the most powerful being in the reality, there can't be anyone more powerful, then it starts to make more sense. I could explain more, but I have to go to bed at this very moment.

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Apr 20, 2009
11:40 AM EDT
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