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Ryu's Revenge

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EDIT - Holy macaroni and cheese, front page! Thank you Newgrounds!

(EXTRA SCENE - Be sure not to miss it! - EXTRA SCENE)

A year after the events of L337 Kr3w Reanimation, Ryu is still troubled by recurring nightmares of his beatdown. Disgraced, he no longer fights as a Street Fighter, and lives from cardboard box to garbage can day after day...

But, a man can only take so much, before he craves...revenge.

This is the introduction for my upcoming multi-part L337 Kr3w flash, which will, once again, be filled with over-the-top action!

Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to vote for who stars in the next flash!

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yeah, this explains much.

I always had question where Ryu slept when he gone to his tournaments. I always imagined him hanging out at a crack house or whore house. His homelessness always brothered me. Gesh, even Akuma has a house on the edge of a mountain top next to a pimp out waterfall. Anyways awesome video. The animation and script are great. The voices seem to change volume from scene to scene though, but not enough to make an impact on the entertain value of this film. Poor Berns, being forgotten.

lol u can do it lol

Poor Berns

heh. Ryu forgot about Berns. Anyways, this was an awesome start to the Ryu's Revenge storyline for the L337 Kr3w.

Pretty good

I'd suggest looking at lip synching, though. It would make things much more dramatic.