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Night OfTheLiving Madness

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well to be honest i tried, but on madness day i know i could do better!



Expansion is in order, longer, more substance, Good start though!

Madnessmon responds:


ok movie

this movie was laging and not very interesting and short the first part was really useless when you want to make a story never kill the characters not to many ok it was you first flash on ng and 4 the first try it was not so bad make more sounds add more frames and make a story line

Madnessmon responds:

yeah i still kinda a noob


no.work a little harder on your flash.more layers.that was a very bad and you need more then 1 layer.you can have 100 layers just be careful how you use them.your not doing ery well with animating and i understand it might be your first time and i havent been on your profile yet but still this is quiet bad and its convinient if you would just go to tutorials like i do.i aint submit a flash at all cause i have to be prepared and so far im doing well because of tutorials.i hope you know the link to tutorial collection cause you need one more then i need one.please do not take this review as a joke cause its really not.i hope you can take critizm.

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Madnessmon responds:

actually i have 45 layers and 538 frames but thanks for the advice

Interesting Yes, Original No

It has a good direction to it, could of added more to it.

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Madnessmon responds:


i can tell you tried

i think you need more frames the animation was really jumpy. also make it longer next time with more actual fighting and less talking

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Madnessmon responds:

yep will do

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2.43 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2009
12:40 PM EDT
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