Sunrise and Mischief

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I made this when I was 12 or 13. Everything uploaded from this account is work I did when I was first learning Flash, as a wee one. If you want to see some slightly more current work, check http://leigh.newgrounds.c om Although I'll warn you, it isn't much more current.

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this was fun and i liked it thanks


It was a game of tag. Go home team!!

Wierd but... I like it !

It's was really wierd, but the music was great, and I actually liked the story even though I didnt understand wtf was going on. The running was a bit rough, would be better if you had made more than 2-3 images of him running that u just shiftet between. You whould make 6 frames or somethin ;).

But cool video, keep it up! ;)

Philosophically speaking...

I like these sort of flashes, to where you have to make a philosophical connection to life. Even though you may have not intented for me as a viewer to take the message of the flash this way. Here is what I thought your message ultimately was saying.

The meteor reprisented death. The man was running away from it. It caught up to him in the end. There for showing that death is inescapable and it eventually catches up to us all. Then, in the end the meteor representing death turned into a butterfly. Meant that even thought the meteor is scary as death is scary. It is when you look at it a good thing (over population ect ect). Represented by the meteor turning into a butterfly. the butterfly obviously represents a less scary, good, over all more gentle thing. Showing as I said death isn't as bad as it may seem.

Great flash by the way!

at first i thought it was rele stupid...

but the music kept me watching it and it turned out to b rele good...i dont kno what the butterfly was for but still...it was great.

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Apr 1, 2002
10:25 PM EST
Music Video
  • Daily Feature April 3, 2002