Generic RPG ep. 3

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I spent several days trying to make this video, so tell me what you guys think

I sort of left a plot hole near the end (I think) but I'll fix that in the next episode.
I'm also thinking of making a video (episode 0) explaining what's going on and why its happening.
The second part of the "christmas" episode will not come this Easter but it will come in around December.

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got a lot better!

still could use some more work....but then again...

a 9/10 from me. enough said i think.

FF movie stile...

That's intersting of mixing RPG and movie stuff. The story is really boring? but animation and characters with misic is not bad. Try to make more intersting story and everithing in your movie will be all right! ^_^


Im giving you a 5 if for nothing else than the Mother Series references :3

very nice

i dont know at first i was like what the hell is this crap? but i watched it till the end and i really liked it, dunno why but it has some kinda charm. keep this up

An attempt at mockery

When trying to parody something it's probably best not to actually copy it too much as whatever you make is often just as bad as what you're parodying, if not worse because it is an attempt at making fun of it. This is exactly what this did I'm sorry to say, try to make it clearer that you are making a satire of the RPG genre, had it not been called 'Generic RPG' then I would probably not have even realised until half way through that it was actually poking fun at RPG's. Try not to make a spoof just a copy of the genre with some of the characters pointing out the downfalls of that genre and a few 'Holy Crap's added in.

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2009
3:27 PM EDT