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Innocence Lost

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Author Comments

A 'pulling at the heart strings' parody of Rorschach from Watchmen. Enjoy and vote!

(Haven't put my hand to animating in a while. I say time to get back on the band wagon!)

Signing Off.

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Uhhh, what the hell?

OK, I had mixed reactions after watching this video. I sat in silent, slack-jawed disgust for a couple minutes. Then I chuckled a little. I honestly wasn't expecting it to end the way it did. This video could go either way. Either you will get a laugh out of it, or you will grimace in disgust. I leaned more toward the chuckling. The animation was a little shoddy, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. Nice work.


Other then the low quilty art this was great.... i really liked the music and the images and all that but then i see rorschach flashing himself...classic

I dont know if I should be outraged or amused

I was hoping for a sensitive touch ing look at rorschach but then I see a guy flashing his dick to some kid.
quality was low to.


omg I died when I watched this

Emerald-Fox responds:

Rez Plz! :P Glad you liked it


Dude... I love how you put a twist in the end of this. Fuck the drama, people in coats showing their genitalia is all you need!

Emerald-Fox responds:

NG has become too complacent with high quality humour! Bring back the cock joke!