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Charlie the Unicorn 3

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Charlie and his friends are on a mission to save the world! The third in the Charlie series.

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That starfish tho.

each episode keeps getting better and better

Out of all the videos in this Series, this is my favorite episode so far. It was also the first one I ever watched.

I love this video.

Let me give you my full opinions on this video.

The 2 unicorns: Personally I think they're more annoying than the Annoying Orange or Fred, because If I was going to take this into perspective and try to see what my reactions would be for these people if I had an encounter with them, I would try to see which one is the most dreadful. Fred screaming everywhere; I can live with that. Annoying Orange always telling me annoying jokes; not so much. 2 unicorns who are always bugging me and just keep bringing me through pointless adventures and just act retarded everywhere we go; I don't think I can handle that easily.

The illogicalness is perfect. NOTHING about this video makes sense!
I'll be honest, the song was retarded to me and for some reason after listening to it for... I don't know 6 times, I started to like it, but then I started to despise it again.

As I said how NOTHING in this video makes sense, the most illogical thing in this video to me would have to be the fact that every time something sings to Charlie, they end up exploding when they're finished with their retarded "Taste in Music."
The fact how it is just so random makes it so funny. When something has no relative story behind it or if nothing makes sense, It's funnier to some people. There really isn't a plot to it. Of course since this video makes no sense, It's funny (At least for me anyway).
To me the funniest part would have to be the "Door" sketch. FYI, that's where I first came across these guys. I remember watching this animation on the DSi about a special door, and when I saw the video on youtube, I noticed an Annotation that lead you to the actual source of where the skit originally came from. I clicked on the annotation and I watched the whole thing. I loved it.

Over all, This Flash is... AWESOME!

Gotta love it ;P But... the 4th one isn't on newgrounds? Suspicious... Anyway, for anyone who's asking, search for it on youtube. It's made by 'FilmCow'

Your welcome ;D