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SMB: The Mushroom Hero 3

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Metal Mario finishes his business in Hyrule, then returns to the MK to settle the score.

Well, after about two months, I finally finished it. This is the third part of the Prelude to Terror saga. As promised, it's a bit longer than the first two. It runs about 10-11 minutes. It shouldn't have taken so long, but this is only my third flash. I'm still learning. :P I also increased the sound quality, which did bump the file size up a bit. Looking back on my previous battle scenes, the ones this time around are much better. I worked pretty hard on this, and I'm hoping to improve even more with part 4. Press space to advance dialogue, and on the menu click on the icons instead of the words.

Also, this is based off of a long series of fanfictions I wrote. A lot of questions you might have will be answered in future installments (such as who Metal Mario works for, and what connections his leader has with the Mushroom Kingdom). It might be a while, but everything will be explained. For now, enjoy!

UPDATE 5/1/09: I've been kind of busy with state testing and my birthday, but I am still working on part 4. I'm not the kind of person to let a series drop.

UPDATE 6/27/09: My computer crashed, and I just got a laptop last month. I'm still working on it, and it should be out no later than mid September.

UPDATE 7/5/09: Done! I'll release it tomorrow. Heh, I was only a half a month off.

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All of your series are great and i got metal mario sprites that i have.

can u pwees make anoter sweres


so far only watched these three but the story is kind of interesting. i love how you used the rurouni kenshin music. mario and luigi jr are i think portrayed as trunks and goten from dbz. however i think you can do a lot better if you would actually introduce a story to it rather than just: someones going to destroy the place so lets beet them and defend ourselves. cause you jumped right into the action without really telling us much of anything.

it got better

the fight got better and you actually brought in baby mario and baby luigi and yoshi can talk


Wait.. The power only metal Wario can bring out is a middle finger?