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Epic Battle Albino!!!

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ITS ON!!!!

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my favorite movie.

my favorite film, of rocketfetus. thanks for showing me this song. amazing.
epic battle sequence, and amazing scene of epic-ness.
loved the guns (made by wind-up, i pressume),and the fact the baby had a gun. haha so epic.


I'm surprised I haven't reveiwed this yet. I love it.

This here is quality

Filter rape, motion tweens, dramatic music, and a purposely underwhelming loop ending. This is how you do spam folks.

Also, I totally lost it when I saw that the fetus was holding a gun.


Of course you caught me off gaurd, but just for that, you get a 8/10...Let's get some real epic fights plz? :)

How epic

While not my favorite thing from the Clock Crew, I really have to praise you on the animation used in the beginning. It gave off a feeling of sketchiness and being epic at the same time, not to mention it was cool to hear that music which is the first time I heard that, and I can thank you for introducing me to it! I admit that the end was an anticlimax but it was still pretty funny.