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Give Me Your Eyes

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About stopping and looking at the people around you who need help.

This one was done quick to be done in time for an event. I have something much better animated coming soon.

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Dude are you fucking serious?

I never written a "response review" before, but after viewing this I felt compelled to write a review in response to the one you left on the "HTF music video" I did.

With all due respect, when you compare yourself to someone in a review you shouldn't try to lecture them if your own work isn't up to par with the person your comparing yourself to.

All the "cheap flash techniques" I used (as you put it in your review),
you used here (like duplicating movie clips). The only difference is I was using a HIGHER frame rate than you, which means more work on my end.

The rotoscoped scene in the THF video ran at 25 F.P.S. on ones, and consisted of over 800 individually hand drawn frames. This seems to be running at 12 F.P.S., and appears to be using a bunch of tweens WITHOUT ANY EASING...

In fact most of the shots you used weren't even animated, they were just still shots.
The drawings themselves looked fairly crude, (you should have used the smooth tool).

The shots that were animated were really poorly done with most of the the in-between frames missing.

You also criticized the pacing, if you listened to the song, there really isn't much I could have cut to.

Lastly the commentary was an extra, Jesus tit and ass fucking christ you don't have any extra's in this video! In fact you don't even have a custom pre-loader, that's just lazy dude.

If your going to write a review learn to be less arrogant, and hypocritical, otherwise you'll come off as a douche. Then again this is newgrounds where even a sixteen year old has an opinion...

What's that old saying about opinions? Oh yeah "opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they're usually pretty shitty".

- Celx