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Suicide Message

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Author Comments

Edit: I have no idea what I was thinking when I made this years ago. If you're gonna watch it at all, turn your volume really, really low.

Pretty self explainatory, If anybody can help, Im using a new version of flash and can't find any cs4 type preloaders, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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dam wtf?

what auidio program u use? its fucked. better score if the audio was better

true, the audio is a bit scratchy

But I'd think this would get a better score. The graphics are good. The idea is funny. I giveth you a 4/5.

Bad Audio

It had bad audio, and I just couldn't watch it. But you put effort on that, and for that, I give you a...


Bad BAD Sound

I'm sorry, but that Audio was just terrible, you need to get a better mic.


Really bad audio. Honestly didn't even watch the whole thing. But I really couldn't stand it.