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Chairman Fulp's Message

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An important message from Chairman Fulp, and The People's Republic of The Most Amazing Honorable Badass China. (TPROTMAHBC)


The best ever!

Better than Waterlollies and other stuff like that. This was great. I loved the cast members. I thought Mr. Miyagi played his role well, but so did Chris Hansen. (With Dateline NBC)

wow that was stupid...

What was that? I am a Chines so i can tell you are not, those Chinese words doesn't make any sense :P You really ought to at least check google if you wish to write something in chinese.

Dekuboy responds:

I know, I didn't exactly have authenticity in mind. Obviously, this was a joke.

Although might I note that I am taking the Chinese next year in my school.

Umm just pretend this space has something useful

Assuming this is meant to be a joke and well feel stupid for asking this but who were those guys in the pictures?

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Dekuboy responds:

This space is the result of the kind People's Republic's hard work, and it is meant to serve as worthy viewing material on this site.

Dirty, fascist, American pig politician Chris Hanson and the honorable Mr. Miyagi were commissioned in this cartoon.


Amen bruh. basic message and down with the TPROTMAHBC!

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Dekuboy responds:

It is nice to see a loyal citizen of the TPROTMAHBC in these troubled times.

The People's Republic thanks you. Perhaps you will serve in our army some day.

i know, it sucks u_u

theres not much 2 say but ur right
lol the star selection still has the old desing atleast....

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Dekuboy responds:

The People's Republic is always right.

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Apr 1, 2009
11:49 PM EDT
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