Many Hopes of Good

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Self is very good flash artist here. Hoping good will take my score home. Parents happy make me you.

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Randomly funny

lol ok this was more funny then anything else, and gave me a good chuckle, the random images was more funny then anything else, and it was great kinda reminds me of oldtimes, the joke this year was not that great but this was still a nice touch, i think you should have added much more {IMAGES} for more of the random humor of things, other then that it was some good stuff so nice job indeed, keep up the good work.

Add more images and more random stuff aswell

Funny and random here


Smidly responds:

Ahhh xie xie! Many thanks!

Happy April Fool's Day

It is interesting to take a look back at the April Fool's Day celebration I happened to be present at! Looking at other spam movies, I do not even find this to be that bad. It seems like it would be nice to remind us of that day. Then again, I have heard of this one website where you can simply look back at every old page on the Internet. The music certainly sounded Oriental. I believe that was supposed to be Bruce Lee who was flying around the screen.

It seems like you could make the music stop at one point. When writing reviews such as this, that can be annoying. Never mind, I think it stopped now, and now it's back. I suggest that you have the action movie much faster, like have the images fly by faster. I guess as it was for April Fool's Day by having it be irrelevant you suit the holiday well.

Smidly responds:

Thank you. Very helpful as to what I should include next Apr Fools

And here is what NO.1 JUDGE Xidious scores YOU.


It left me amused for some odd reason but ultimately the whole flash left me wondering how much effort was put into it nearing the end of it.

Smidly responds:

How dare you, good sir!


there is not much to it.if the sreen of the movie blew up that would add some pazzaz.
not too good.keep trying cuz youll soon get a good rate.

Smidly responds:



Well, the music and random pictures kept me laughing, just pointless. In a good way. c:

Smidly responds:

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1.57 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2009
5:34 PM EDT