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DANGER! Philosophical content!
Just press play movie and feel my pain...

If your brain can melt from influence of some ideas and breakcore music- better go to my stickfights.
This is my 1st long non-stick animation, so do not judge too strickt and have a nice day.

yepe, and better select low quality at the beginning if you have weak pc (as I have) (it will go right to the music)

Well, as I can see, most part of viewers like mindless stickfights more than this stuff 8- )))



Awesome animation and great music too. This was one hell of a mindfuck.
I would love to see more like this from ya!

This helped me realize a few things...

I am insane. We all are. But I've known that for years and was just too scared to accept it back then. I accepted it when I was 11. So far, out of all the submissions, this is THE WALL of all of them in a dark, hardcore, drum n' bass and nearly emo kind of way. It is not always flash animation but it doesn't need to be because it is still artistic. So my reccomendation is: ONLY WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE ACCEPTED THAT INEVITABLE FACT IN THE BACK OR SOMEWHERE, LURKING IN YOUR HEAD, THAT YOU ARE INSANE IN ANY KIND OF WAY.

Brilliant...in many ways

Ok. I'm going to be blunt and straight to the bad points (there are 4000x more good point's than bad). I didn't like the music and this had nothing to do with dead things. It was creepy. I loved the animation and it was quite funny! You have done yet another brilliant feat but you lack style and taste in music. All round very good!!! 5/5 9/10!!!! (although as you rightly state you should do more stickd :3)


That was just intense man! Extremely beautiful in it's harsh way. If I ever get around to shooting a music video with my bands, I want you to be the fucking director!

Please, PLEASE make more. The stick figures are awesome but this is just...something else...


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definitely different.

It's like, Adbusters meets Aphex Twin (maybe a bit of Lovecraft, too). I dig it. Great job :]

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Ace0fredspades responds:

thank you so much! glad somebody like ipomea gyus

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Mar 30, 2009
3:51 AM EDT