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My Old Stuffz

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So back when I was just a little Flash n00b, I was in a class classed Digital 2D, which is an entry level Flash at my school. Well, here is what i did that quarter. It's made up of the 4 main projects we had to do, along with some random things i did that quarter. This is just a look back at how terrible i was, and oh how I procrastinated that quarter, ahhh fun times...

*NOTE* If the clip doesn't have sound, it's because it's not supposed to, do NOT be fooled!

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I liked them but some havn't got sound.

This is underrated...

Simply because all of your animations are VERY well done.

Some of those really needed sound.

But most were pretty good. I thought the animation was very good and the ideas were very original.

I'm gonna give it a '7' becasue i though sound really separates the 'Okay' and the 'Awesome!'.


I thought some of them were pretty good. The "cancerous" one gave me a laugh.

If this is your "noob" work though, I look forward to the other stuff you will be uploading to Newgrounds...


Corndog and Cancerous was preety good for a noob flasher, but if you have sound for the alien it could be decent. Silhouette world was just.... random. Overall I give you a 7/10 for your work!