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http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/552650

ATTENTION: The music doesnt work anymore because the site that it streamed from deleted the music file FFFFFFFFffffff. I dont have the original file anymore... so how about playing the song on the left? *Its under the music credits by SBB*

This is an experimental art gadget in which you move your mouse to create some really nice effects. I tried to be as original as possilbe by writing my own code, making my own animations, and pretty much making everything else my own. I achieved this, and was very happy with the final result. In order to enjoy this trippy thing, go through each effect slowwwllllyyyyyy.... Just sit back and let the music engulf your mind. Or you could go smoke some pot and come back 10 minutes later. THEN you would enjoy its full potential. :D

So anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy the colors...


18 FPS
672 movie clips
1 scene
196 frames
3 months of work
6 layers
I ate eggs for breakfast this morning

P.S. Some of you may have seen this before in the portal. Well, it had TONS of glitches and stuff, so I deleted it and then put this final version up. I even added more effects! :)

P.P.S I am making a second one with all 3D effects made in 3Ds max and Illustrate 5.5.

P.P.P.S the eggs I ate this morning were the worst eggs I have ever had.


So Addiciting

I want my Saturday back :D

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I want my virginity back

ONE THING TO SAY......................


FatKidWitAJetPak responds:



Even though it's a simple little visualizer thing it was really fun to play around with. It's pretty sad on my part but I went at least three minutes on the same one before I realized I could change it to different ones. Finding that out made me get sucked in even more than before. Some of them are really interesting and create some cool designs when you swirl them around a lot. I'm looking forward to the next one if it's still not done. I've yet to check if it is or not.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

It will be done soon, I just have lost the FLA. I have a previous FLA, but without some major stuff I have added. I will just need to add it again. I got a new macbook so I should probably put flash on here.

Realy gives me an idea for a lazer light show xd

its realy great i cant give a tip beacuase there is not that much that can be improved
thats good if you make anymore spread the word

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Lol how about the intro. IT SUCKS xD

nice indeed!

it takes alot of work to put those images together. the music is very good too. i love it. you could design ur own visual music player. =] GREAT JOB! Keep it up. I wanna see more like it!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I actually tried implementing somesort of AS2 visualizer... but sadly, the only visualizer coding I could find was for AS3 and I dont use AS3 :(

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Mar 29, 2009
9:52 PM EDT
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