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Sample Fight Movie V.1

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Hey guys, this will be part of a series of Sample Fight Movies I will put out. This one is the most basic, I will be putting out at least 2 more to show the evolution (improvement) of this exact animation.

I made this movie pretty damn quickly, and I will put out a improved versions of this movie to show how much you can improve on an animation if you spend time on it.

Eventually after i put out a full final version of this movie I will create one that directly compares the animations.

Anyways rate it as you like, I don't really need opinions but you are free to give them, thanks for your time!

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How alright

When I first saw the title, I thought this was just going to be a joke flash or something with nothing happening. I was surprised to find out it did have some good animation. Then I was disappointed again by how it was so short. So I have decided to go just in between and give you the perfect rating just in between. I was at least glad there seemed to be a nice style of music and the way the action went. I really hope they next one will be much better, as this was just a preview.


this could have been a lot better-
1-work on ur drawing put in some more detail
2-better song
3-finish it
i can see that this animation has some potential but u have to finish it

Finish it...

It's one thing if an animation could be a little longer, but this, this takes it up a notch. Why bother posting this if it lasts 10 seconds and stops suddenly? The animation was ok, to be generous, but the drawings were really neat, and for that, I will not rate this a zero.

Not great animating, much to be improved

So much can be improved, the animating skills, the plot and graphics. I had a tough time trying to figure out what was going on, and the plot was unclear. However, I know your going to make another, so please, take this advice: Finish it, and perfect it to the best of your ability. Good luck with this. 2/10.

uhhhh 2 things...

1. dbz related fights are annoying now(I still like the series but the fights are used by almost everyone)
2. I think you should've finished the fight first then uploaded it

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2009
3:59 PM EDT