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Press Start: Up to Code

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Press Start Adventures - "Up to Code"

Vlad's castle is invaded by a loud-mouthed building inspector. Featuring the voices of David Humphrey (SONIC ADVENTURE 2 & SONIC HEROES) and Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson!

"Press Start Adventures" is a monthly animated series that follows the live-action videogame parody movie "Press Start", available on DVD at www.PressStartMovie.com.

Some folks have asked why these episodes are a little shorter than the earlier Press Start cartoons. They were originally intended for mobile devices and needed to be under 3 minutes -- ideally around 2. We've got a batch of toons already in production, but we'll revisit the length after those. Thanks for your support!

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I loved all these episodes and this series and, and hopefully I'll be able to continue enjoying this series. O.o I'm sure their's more episodes I have yet to find here...also....do you know where I could find some of the traps for MY house. e.e That way I can keep my sister from visiting...?

great ending

cant start to count how many people would want to do that to an inspector. it's at least over 9,000


i got a good Laugh at the ending.

Ja ja ja

Ja ja ja, that was funny.

Nice. Very nice :)

I love these cartoons! just watched the movie - it was also fantastic apart from the poorly choreographed fight scenes and the way it kind of dragged out... but it was good! I think this works better as a cartoon series.

Loved the Pumpkin Hill reference, amongst everything else. Always good for a laugh, keep up the great work!