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Darkbase: incubation

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In this action filled survival-horror game, Lieutenant Alice Foster is the only survivor of StarForce "Skorpio " squad on the StarBase Delta 12.
With the only support of the Artificial Intelligence "Themistocles", she shall enter the base to discover what caused the base power shutdown and she shall face the "unknown presence" that killed all of her squad-mates.

Bloody thriller shoot-them-up game
Sci-Fi "Alien" movie mood
Original story, characters & enemies
Exclusive lighting system with dynamic lights and darkness
Original soundtracks with automatic fade from exploration to action stages
Eye-candy dynamic particle system
6 game-levels of pure adrenalin
Enter the dark base now!

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Holy heck this is a hard game. I couldn't get past the first level. I'll save it for another day I suppose.

Solid Sci-Fi Horror game, I love the dark atmosphere and the cool and unique aliens in this game, great work!

I just have one problem I cannot seem to resume my progress after I have exited out of the game and hit the "Continue" option on the main menu, I just get the sound of a gun loading(?) and that is it, just thought I should point that out.

nice game, reminds me of zombie shooter, I was expecting more weapons since its Sci-fi and its in space.

This game puts the survival in survival horror!

Excellent game! plenty of challenge, plus some really good design--it definitely felt like a horror game. I wish there was a little less lag, so all of us with cheap PCs can play it. For all you noobies, here's how to survive the first level:
1. Keep near the walls.
2. Click really fast when firing the pistol. It's semi-automatic, so click and hold will fire just one time, and one bullet will NOT kill anything in this game.
3. Avoid dark areas until you're sure that you need to enter them--there's no telling what is in there. Some areas have ammo in them, without being important otherwise, so you may want to explore a little, if you're sure of your reflexes.
4. When walking down a hallway, check both ways for aliens every once in a while. If you aren't careful, you'll run smack into an alien.
5. Have a good amount of reflexes--if you pause for a half second after sighting an enemy, you'll take TONS more damage, and the second level has almost NO health stations.


this game was incredible, while incredibly difficult it was still very fun and very addictive. i really enjoyed this game and look forward to youre later works

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2009
5:24 AM EDT