TD- the last stand, start

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this is the beginning of my current flash project. i thought "what the hell, i use good time and make something good"
it's only a few seconds long though and have no preloader and will go in loop. the music will build up into chaos if you don't stop it fast.

please i need your comments to see how it is.

TD means tales of darunia, that is a fantasy story in the world of darunia. though recently started, the author gave me permission to start to already make a movie
the author can be found at Deviantart as well as his stories at this location:
www.meranemone.deviantart .com


I understand WHY, but...

You should have released this in the alphas.

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LegendSirk responds:

sorry, not so familiar with those alphas thing...

this was not worth posting

why post this it isnt long enough for anyone to get a feel for what your making the art was poor 2d nothingness and the music wasnt even in sinc please dont post more 2 picture bits there a waste of everyones time

LegendSirk responds:

this is IN THE MAKING, i thought i noted this in the comments.
2d nothingness my ***.
this is the beginning and each character will get special treated movements. of course it wasn't in sinc. it hadn't a start button or preloader. too bad if you don't like it.
come back and mock me when you make something bigger and better, ok?^^

This is good...

but really too short ><
5 seconds is not enough. the animation was good though

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LegendSirk responds:

yeah, this is my one big project and i will make more later. i will make more movements on the caracters and maybe i can make it smoother...

Short?! You're not kidding.

You really need to obtimise this. If those few seconds are 3.6MB the final movie will be HUUUGE! And even though it looks good, since this is unfinished please post it to the Alphas section, not the Portal. Thanks.

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LegendSirk responds:

the next is going to be the finished one. i just wanted peoples opinion on it.

This is good?

I'll give you one thing: the art is pretty nice compared to a lot of the stuff I see going through the portal, but it's just a five second loop that plays over and over. You don't even make the music cancel out; it layers over itself and changes from "The Belmont legacy" to "The Belmont Cacophony". Luckily, it seems that this is just the start. I sincerely hope you don't make mistakes like this on the full videos, otherwise, you're not going to make the artist very happy. Take it from me: put all your effor into something before submitting it, and don't release it if you know it has flaws.

LegendSirk responds:

i know. this is merely the start of the movie planned. too bad i'll have to put in differet parts. i use high resolution pictures i made in photoshop, i think it's them giving so big space....

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2.47 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2009
5:04 AM EDT