Team Fortress 2 Shorts 1

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One of my first "real" cartoons

Took a couple of days, please enjoy, review, and suggest ideas for part 2!

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Pretty funny...

Damn useless medic and damn useless sniper...

Also, person below me, WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THIS?! It ALTERNATES between "him/her" at that screen! One time it'll say, "Why not give him a try" then it'll say "Why not give her a try". Damn, people be stupid.

Only one thing... The pyro is a girl...

You can see it in the : Beat this! thing at the starterpage of Team Fortress 2. But great!

Weird but funny...

Weird how heavy was blu team but looked red team and health bar was blu but red team was shooting him...anyways pretty good for your first real cartoon. It was funny, and I loved it when the scout got hit by the dispenser and the spies stole the car! Sorry, I have no ideas for part 2...very sorry!

Loved the jokes but...

In the first scene heavy is being shot by the red team even though he's on their side, and his health meter is BLUE?
And there was only really 2 scenes.
But i thought it was funny so i give you an 8! :D


Awesome job with sounds. Especially background fighting noises.

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3.38 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2009
10:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody