CCC Wars: Ep.1

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For a better sound quality verion and credits:
http://maverick22.deviant art.com/art/CCC-Wars-Ep-1 -117023032

So here it is at long last.

Can't even say how much of a nightmare I have had while doing this. :faint:
I had to do it twice. Final product is the 3rd version.
Files got corrupted twice. :cry:
And then when it was working, it was too much for my lil comp. :sad:
So there was only one way for me to finish it. I needed to UPGRADE!!!!! so Now with 4x the Ram and 2x the CPU power! that I used to have. :eager:
(before it would take literally 30secs to create a new keyframe. XD)
I am able to finally bring this to you. =D

I don't know what else to say, but enjoy and keep an eye out for EP3. Yes Episode 3 following this one in a few days.

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well it was good, and the effects were awesome, but i dont really get the storyline, and the faces could've been a bit better, but defenitly better then amateurs (: ill just give it an 8

Nice fancy-pants credits

Yeah... The whole thing was ok. It wasn't terrible but yeah the insanity of the plot got me laughing. It's pretty obvious you put some time on this but I couldn't say the action was particularly entertaining. Try and make the action more..."focused" or with some kind of purpose.

Maverick22 responds:

fancy-pants credits?
You understood the plot? Kudos. Your the first and only since there was supposed to be almost no plot or a very vague one.
Practice makes perfect!
Thank your for watching and for the review

Haha! I remember this!

So you decided to start it over from zero?
Great art and animations.
On the critical side. It does need a play button and it would really help any kind of explanation to what is it about for those who have no idea what CCC is.
For those people this movie is based on the members of CCC Forums (The forums of the web comic CCC and flash animations of Vinnie Veritas). Since most of the recurrent members have their own characters, Maverick made a small series (like a year or so ago) in which they fight an unknown evil that was taking over CCC.
Question thought, Why did you say "keep an eye out for EP3"? Where's EP2? xD

Maverick22 responds:

Starting from zero. Yes and No. What your have seen or may have seen is from Ep.3 or at least the first part of ep.3
XD dang something so simple like a play button totally skipped my mind. I guess I could have explained what CCC was. =/
Because Ep1 is action with some vague story if that. Ep. 3 is more action with a bit of story and then ep.2 is the stoyr fleshed out with some action. Your supposed to watch ep1 and 3 and confused as to why we/they are fighting. and then watch ep. 2 and make why they are fighting click!


It's too stiff. Even the action scenes. Have them actually looking at each other. Not just staring blankly.

Also. Backgrounds. She was sitting in a room with no furniture.

But yeah. They were too stiff. It looked awkward when say he pointed or she was on the laptop.

Make it flow more and you'll have something good.



Maverick22 responds:

Yes I have tried to make the characters less stiff for the future eps.
Only thing I can defend is the room with no furniture. It's supposed to be just that, a vacant room with nothing in there. Which is explained in Ep.2.
Thank your for watching and for the review

I liked it... but

But there is one problem though...
The story line is too vauge. You did a great job on the characters and all, but there is no real story line to this at all. This was great, but it needs to be explained

Maverick22 responds:

since I answered, I'll just Copy+Paste it. "you aren't supposed to know for what and why these 2 factions are fighting for til Ep. 2 which is why Ep. 2 comes out til after ep.3 comes out. Makes sense? Its like I give you 2 episodes that are supposed to confuse you yet intrigue you into wanting to know whats going on. and then ep.2 will fill in the gap between 1 and 3 (obviously) and everything will make sense.?" I'll add some more. Kinda like a Tarantino movie where he tends to start in the middle of the story and then go back to the beginning and then the End

Thank your for watching and for the review

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2.47 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2009
11:10 PM EDT