Hunter Zero Ep.5

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2nd dail place and I'm on the front page!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for your reviews and pointers, I will try to answer as many of them as i can, it was my first flash movie in almost two years.

A couple of things i have read:

Sprite close ups: i know, believe me i know sometimes the blockiness of sprites may ruin the movie, but it's all we can do to add some punch to the scene when you work with sprites. Even with the blockiness i think it's more than just a far out view of an empty room and 3 small characters.

Voice acting: i wanted to finish this series and it had been more than two years, back then it took me a long time to find good voice actors that's why there are none on this episode.

Story: Like i have said before, this is a personal take on what happened between megaman and megaman x BUT it also has some details related to my other two megaman series, that's why it may not make much sense if you only watch this episode.

It's been a long time. But after almost two years I am done with the final episode to my series. To those not familiar with the series make sure to read the summary so at least you will know what's going on. This is my take of what happened between the Megaman and Megaman X story, it's a personal take so of course some stuff will be done based more on my past series than what on Capcom may have said already. The ending i know already it'll be a hit or miss, but it's hard to come up with a "surprising" ending when everybody knows how everything it's supposed to end. Enjoy!

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I Love This! Because I Love Megaman So Much That I Wanna Give Him Hugz And Da Kisses!


Extraordinary well-done !!! I'm really stunned by your surprising ending, you made a wonderful job by mixing backgrounds, by using a lot sprites...You showed the great potential Flash, and also your potential as a fan from the Megaman franchise before CAPCOM.
I just have a big question : what was the music when Megaman and Zero were facing Bass together (and after, Megaman looked the missiles on the sky) ? Because It was really epic !!!
I hope you'll answer to my question.
Regards :)

Wonderful. A beautiful end to the saga.

My review on the movies themselves: I watched MegaMan/X: The Final Battle, Bass' Revenge and Hunter Zero 1-4 in 2008. Now I've watched the entire series, from beginning to end, and I can say I loved it. You went from being a mediocre spriter to becoming a top-notch sprite movie maker, whose movies can be compared to Alvin Earthworm's Super Mario Bros. Z series. Thank you for giving me, as well as many others, a saga of series as enjoyable as yours were.

My review on the movies' plots: I enjoyed the whole saga, from MegaMan/X: The Final Battle 1 to Hunter Zero Ep.5, and I still remember how I was amazed by your progress back in 2008. Quite curiously, the series is an endless loop. Zero's survival from this episode ensures that he'll become Maverick in the future, which in turn makes X call Megaman from the past (present for us) in MegaMan/X: The Final Battle, which leads to Bass' Revenge, which leads to Hunter Zero, and then back to the start again. An endless loop. Makes me actually want to spend my life watching the whole saga over and over. However, there's one thing I didn't like. The fact that everyone died. First Dr. Light and Roll, then Wily, then Protoman, then Rush, then Bass, and finally Megaman. Only Sigma survived. However, I understand, as it's a key part for the loop to keep going. Still, I find it sad.

Conclusion: Your view on the Megaman series has been wonderful, and also emotive. It's sad that you've decided to abandon making sprite movies, but I respect it. I hope you have a great future. We're all supporting you, even if you can't hear us.

CheveLoco responds:

Thank you for your review of my whole series. And yes I agree, there's a huge difference from my first series to this but I am glad it was all for the better.

I have stayed away fom NG for so long, and from animation in general..but you never know, I might decide to come back to it again if I can come up with something I believe it's worth working on.

Again thank you and everybody else.

ya it does sync in with megaman x a bit

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Mar 24, 2009
10:05 PM EDT
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