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Goku VS Vegita

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I don't use flash much at all, if EVER. I only made this to prove a point so yeeeaaaaahhh.
Credits (Cause im not doing loaders or outros)
Some guys who ripped the sprites
My friend for making the track
My other friend for giving me sounds (I didn't even want to use them)
Kio-xion AKA Kenkeichii
Myself again



The animation is great but it could be alot faster.


Like Matt300 said, you're not bad for someone who doesn't use Flash much. If plan on making further Flash projects then continue to make improvements and take some advice from reviewers to your projects better. ;)


It's spelled "Vegeta"!

2/5 5/10

Wasn't very interesting, repetitive. I thought it was actually quite dull simply because it's the kind of thing you see over and over again on NG in so many different ways. BUT, there was effort put into this submission, i.e sound was a little less than adequate, basically you fit preused sounds and matched them with the animation and there was nothing else. It was also very short, though considering they were simply kicking and punching the whole time, I don't think I would have wanted to watch any more of it. I think the score given is adequate to describe this submission. I don't really think you can do too much with sprites without time and effort, and that's all you're missing I think. So for your next submission to NG make it worthwhile, not something we see 20 time a day. Thanks and good job.

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SFX issues

You didn't want to use the sounds? Well, that's about all I'm gonna talk about, they needed to be a little cleaner, the sounded a bit messey, but besides that a pretty good sprite animation.

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1.65 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
10:09 AM EDT