HTF Battle Royale Part 2

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Originally set for December, Valve time reared its ugly head

Setbacks, delays and eerything else conspired to stop this happening, but I degress.

6 hours in, and 3 players are dead. The others are beginning to sence the urgency of this 'kill or be killed' game.

Will they snap?

Who will be left standing by noon?

Watch if you wish to find out

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cool :)

man,this is coolest thing i ever seen in my life lulza


the first is better has more of a plot this is poo

Fuck me!

That was excellent hadnt been on here in a while and checked my reviews then seen the first part AGAIN and was pmsl.
Then checked the portal and seen this bad boy had been unleashed.
Its brilliant, cant wait for the next episode.
Keep it coming mate.

Very Great, Very Unorganized.

I love your story and I love that you've taken on such a big project.

My only advice would be to fix the bios page.
It might look cleaner if you had headshots of all of the players with the options to click on them to find out more about the players. Also, In their bios you could have information of their kills, or current location as to the start of the episode.

another thing that might help is to cut these up into chapters. I have a feeling that these episodes will all be very lengthy, so if you gave the people the option to view a certian scene or start at the place they left off, it would be very beneficial.

LIke I said though, I love your work! and keep it up!


The weird thing is, when I got on the computer today, I was going thru my reveiws with comments, and seen my review of the first part, then watched it. So then I went to the flash portal and seen this one, it was insane.

So anyway, this is still just as awesome, being a fan of the movie Battle Royal makes me appreciate this flash piece even more.

Awesome job, a little crude in some parts, but animating people walking isn├Ęt my strong point either.

Im going to go ahead and just give this a 10