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Voidgale : Arena

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Thanks for all your comments and review guys! I won't get upset about it. In fact, i'm so happy you're reviewing this game. All of the idea, bug reports, and even complaint, i'll try to implement it in my next game. Once again, thanks!
And this is my first game that has been released. Hau~ Thank you everyone for the vote, review, support, and rating!

Now i can show this game proudly to my schoolmate, lol XD

Protect your NESTS from hundreds of enemies, while fortifying your defense by settling sentries, upgrading Reavers (and sentries), repairing NESTS, and increasing your proficiency with your weapon.

The instruction is all in the game tutorial.

If you've played original Voidgale before, this is NOT the sequel. Consider that original Voidgale as an "experimental game" and Voidgale: Arena is the full version. Sorry i didn't submit from my last account, this is my new account :)

The graphics, programming, and audio (except the Voice act - it's not my sound) is generally done by me. Well, expect a one-man-show game, heh...

Download the OST here:
com/? p=68 (remove space between ? p)

Have fun!

NB: For the hackers and the cheaters (and decompiler), PLEASE. Don't modify the PV... do it fairly, and please don't break the leaderboard, because it's for public use :(.


You don't have to master all of the guns to finish the game. The main weapon that is useful all-around the game is the beam vulcan (that's why i set it into default weapon).

The Shell cannon is optional and has low firerate, and a bit inferior in the early game. But if you could upgrade it into maximum, it will kickass (and the total cost to upgrade it is the lowest of all weapon the game). I scored 800-900 critical damage with it one time when i play. And of course, maximum upgraded energy + Max Shell Proficiency + Spam = Total win in the "Our Destiny" (Full-GHASTs) stage.

The Crescent gun, yeah, it's barely usable in the game. But you can upgrade it into max to use it in the "Missile Scramble" stage to make LOTS of streak and score (And >30 streak = Highest Achievement in pilot rank!).

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Very, very impressive game! The mechanics are very fun. :) I can't exactly think of a single thing I don't like about the whole thing. I might grab some inspiration for my game Vulcan 2.0 which I made the first game of without even playing your game yet. This is great though, nicely done!

Very fun game but the 2nd to last level is GAH!


Anyway first the review. A very fun mix of space shooter and tower defense, though your supposed to rely less on your towers since they expire.
Fun, fast paced and strategic but dear god, the 2nd to last level is INSANE.
A whole load of super high hp enemys with devstating lasers and if they touch the base INSTANT GAME OVER... in a game where dying sends you back to level 1. Its particurly annoying how much of the game requires uber concentrations o its easy to mess up if you get distracted. I guess I'm too used to my save points being more of a TD player, but a diffaculty setting would be nice. Though instant death enemies just seem way to OTT, even when I use the shell cannon.

I guess if your good at shooters it might be less of a problem. Very fun game despite that

pretty good

ship was akwardly fast, but other wise fun

It was..

way too many abbreviations. you should try more actual words. the graphics were kind of bad

Shitty game with a pretty package

1/5. Should have been great but there is no way to beat the game. Turrets are far too weak even if you concentrate 100% on upgrading them. Concentrating 100% on your ship gets you overwhelmed wtih the sheer number of enemies. Going part ship, part truuets makes both too weak to be effective. Any shit game will get a good rating if it looks and sounds pretty. It it has an imaginitive concept also it will get a high rating even of the game itself is shit. perhaps I'm missing some mega awesome strategy that will gaurntee beating the game every time. However due to the game's simplicity that is extremtly doubtful. Any game, like this one, that is impossible to beat is just pretty looking garbage.

AtelierLucid responds:

Uh... but me and the testers can finish the game easily... Turrets are effective if you place them in the right place. Otherwise, they'll miss all the time. If i coded them to 100% hit, the player will actually have no work to do other than watching enemies' explosions...