Roffle Water Plox

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Please watch episodes 1-10 before watching this one. It's very important to understand the story.

In this episode static man gets attacked by the killer washer and dryer army of Pluto. He can barely escape harms way. Watch and find out if he can defeat the army or if the story continues.

*Edit* - Looks like everything is running fine. Please enjoy.

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I give you props.

This is the example of a spam submission that fools users of newgrounds into voting 5 for it. How can I tell? Well let's see here.

Fake name - Check
Making it seem like a big series - Check
Fake description - Check

Yeah, so props for you being smarter than the rest of newgrounds. I'm pretty sure you didn't have to mass vote it because of those things listed above also.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I've seen a lot worse in a spam submission. At least here you do have what looks to be like a tweened movie clip if I'm not wrong. Hell even though graphics are a tad bit better than most spam submissions. I give you props on that even though what you did have wouldn't have taken more than 5 to 10 minutes. At least we aren't looking at a single frame spam submission that passed.

~ Story/Content ~

SPAM CAN STILL BE DECENT. Yes it can. Make it crappy like you did, but try to at least add some content behind it. Perhaps actually follow some of the stuff in your description and have things attacking him while he runs away. Adding some length instead of just the same loop over and over would make it much better even in terms of spam. Adding some sort of humor wouldn't hurt even though I do admit that character that you drew was kind of humorous.

~ Audio ~

OMG. Ha, that was so annoying. Make sure if that was something from the audio portal to credit it. I hope to god that wasn't though because it was enough to make somebodies ears bleed. Great choice for a submission like this, but some kind of weird voices or a scream seems to be more fitting.

~ Overall ~

Good job on fooling a bigger part of the newgrounds population, but just a bit more effort please. Not too many will complain about spam submission with effort in them. So work on the content a little and perhaps your future submission will earn a 2 or better on a vote from me. If you don't want to improve then it will continue to get my 0 on votes.

PenisFromHell responds:


Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2009
5:52 PM EDT