Sore the Demon Slayer 1

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Sore is a demon hunter, living in the world of 1895. Ever since a purple demon killed his family at young age, he decided to go out and kill evil beings for good. He first killed his family's murderer, and got a scar for life. That scar made him a half demon, giving him special abilities. Now, he will go and hunt for Dracula.

Music used: Dracula Castle by MegaDriver

By the way, it's not longer than about 1 1/2 minute long or so. But if this one gets popular, I am considering to make a sequel.

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The episode that started it all. Oh man, so many cliches that bored out of my mind. I know this is useless now that you already made the third episode, but seriously, I know you keep saying that you do your best, but please improve your series. I mean my eyes melted from watching the failure of this animation...you'll be hearing from my lawlyer for this.

Although I'll do say some positive things about this. Ofcourse this is your first animation, nobody is expecting for you to just SWOOOSH your talent in one night. So for a beginner, I give you a 7 out of 10. For the story, I already stated this before that your story is a pile of unoriginality, is it too much too ask to go back to the storyboard and change some things about Sore's motive? I mean whats the whole point in destroying random famous mythological creatures? Is it because they are just "bad" or is it because he does it for the lulz? Animation wise, they're is a problem of a slight pause between every action a character takes (such as swinging a sword, or unleashing an attack etc) its annoying.

What is Sore's dox? Where does this series take place? What are the main character's motives? How can you smoothly flow battle scenes and make them more exciting? These are but a few questions you have to ask yourself if you want to make your series.

Kurvos responds:

Funny... all I can read, is practicly "Wueh! I am no better than you, but I pretend it's absolutely okay to offend you and whine like a bitchy crybaby! Wueh!". Go change your diapers, please.

Relatively good

Well the animation was nice but i have a few complains:
1)There is a small delay between the attacks of the vampires and the demon hunter which kinda ruins the effect of a dramatic battle. Thry to make it more spontaneous
2)The room should have some more decorationsL some blood on the walls,, some bric walls like in any medieval castle and some paintings; vampire lords are usually considered cultured creatures.
3)The name is a pure cliche. Maybe another name would've attracted some more ideas.
4)A slow transformation from haf demon to demon form.
Other than these minor things it was fine.

Kurvos responds:

Couldn't you criticise my latest of these instead? Lots of stuff here have already been taken care off.

Just how DID he get his powers?

And become a demon hunter? What's his story? Who gave him his mission? This is what I'm curious about.

Kurvos responds:

Hmm... I will get him some backstory in the next flash movie then, based on what I wrote in the description to this one. Thanks for the tips.;)

pretty cool

I thought it was pretty good, you have a story all set up and your animations are pretty good. I really like the whole half demon thing but i think it would be cooler if as he got hurt or got more aggressive during battle or something like that the demon part of him would slowly cover more of his body, of course i don't know if that would be harder to do or not but its just a suggestion. cheers :-)

Kurvos responds:

That was a genious suggestion!:D I will see what I can do in the next.;)


It has potential to become something.
It´s just to short and the fighting is really (weak) soft and uninterresting.
But if you try bring to a higher level it will become an good serie or movie.

Kurvos responds:

Okay. Thanks; I will think of that.:)

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3.00 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2009
1:46 PM EDT